Washington Capitals: New Fan Guide to 2015-2016 (Part 1)

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Breaking down the Washington Capitals roster for Caps fans, both new and old.

The Washington Capitals 2015-2016 season is almost here with their October 10 match against the New Jersey Devils now only days away. Plenty of pundits around the NHL have the Washington Capitals picked to go the distance in their pursuit of the Stanley Cup this year. Before we set off on another new season, let’s get acquainted with the Washington Capitals. They’re an extremely likable bunch.

For many, this season will be their first time following the Washington Capitals or the sport of ice hockey on the whole. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been rocking the red for 25 years or if you’re just a DC sports fan who desperately wants a championship. Worry not! Not only is it perfectly fine for you to catch up on the cliff notes version of the team, but we’re glad to have you on board! This season looks like it could be the brightest and most exciting we’ve had in years. Expectations are sky high. You’ve picked a good team and a good time to start following.


Maybe you’ve only just caught the hockey bug and are looking to feed the fix. Don’t worry. We’re breaking down the Washington Capitals from coaches to players, so you can get to know them a little better and maybe pick a favorite player or two. I know I’ve certainly got a few favorites of my own. Knowing who they are and what makes them special has definitely enhanced my team experience.

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So, let’s dig in. We’ll break down the Washington Capitals by how much they play (time on ice) and what position they play. We’re also grouping them together with similar players on the team so they’re easier to remember. I’m going to keep the recitation of statistics to a minimum so we can look at what type of players they are, how they help the team, where they’ve struggled and what they enjoy when they’re not playing hockey.

If you find a player that you think you really like, try using the search feature for their name on Stars and Sticks and I’m certain you’ll find more to read about them. Here’s a quick summary of last season and how the Washington Capitals did.

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