Washington Capitals Report Card: Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson, the most hated player in the NHL, and fan favorite in Washington had his best season in his young NHL career with the Washington Capitals

Tom Wilson was on the Washington Capitals top line for most  of the season teamed up with Alex Ovechkin, and Evgeny Kuznetsov. Wilson produced 40 points in 63 games.

Wilson scored 22 goals which was a career high for him despite sitting out 20 games from a suspension to start the year. Wilson showed a lot of leadership and brought a lot of grit to the team.

Wilson also had four fights this year, and won them without any problem. Wilson said at the beginning of the season he wanted to fight less, and focus on scoring goals. He most certainly lived up to his words. Wilson had a career high in points, and a career low in penalty minutes this year with 128.

Wilson also played a role on the power play on the second line in the same spot T.J. Oshie plays in on the fourth line, and saw time on the top power play line during Oshie’s absence. Wilson proved he can do a great job screening goalies, to create chances for players to score goals.

Wilson was a great penalty killer as well this past season blocking a ton of shots that helped the Capitals have a lot of success on the penalty kill. Wilson showed a lot of heart blocking shots from some of the hardest shooters in league this year while killing penalties.

I mean what can’t this guy do? He truly earned the nickname Tommy Hockey this year by being a complete player. He scored clutch goals, set up passes for his teammates and could beat up any player in the league even including Ryan Reaves of the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Look for Wilson to have more opportunity on the ice next year as well with more expectations coming from the coaching staff. Those responsibilities could be maybe a chance on the top power play line, or on the ice over Oshie during the last minute of the game.

Wilson was also a big contributor during the postseason even though the Capitals where eliminated in the first round. Wilson produced five points in seven games (3 goals 2 assist).

Grade B+: Tom Wilson this year proved he can be a productive player scoring, and not be the goon that most people think he is.  Look for Tom Wilson to score 30 goals next year, or target 60 points next season.