Capitals: T.J. Oshie ready for the season to return

T.J. Oshie, Washington Capitals (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
T.J. Oshie, Washington Capitals (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Washington Capitals right wing T.J. Oshie spoke to the media via a Zoom conference call on Monday. Here’s highlights from what he said.

T.J. Oshie has been just like Washington Capitals fans in waiting patiently for the season to resume or just hockey, in general, to come back after the season was paused due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully he’s got a great family to take care of, two adorable daughters plus a son he and his wife Lauren welcomed into the world just over a month ago.

Oshie told reporters that he’s ready to jump into playoff hockey after a week of training camp.

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“Whatever format it is, I think playoff hockey is still going to look a lot like playoff hockey and it is going to be exciting and it is going to be fast. And at the end, if we are able to do it, whoever does win it, whether it is crazy format or not, would have been the team that earned it,” said Oshie.

While Oshie would love to play hockey again, he wants the health and safety of everyone to come first. As of now, no players have shown symptoms and everyone is continuing to self quarantine.

“A smarter man and maybe a team of men and women will have to figure out how to get this thing going and make sure it is 100 percent safe and we can guarantee that we are not going to put anyone in harm’s way. If there’s a way we can do that, if we can ensure the safety of everyone that is working the rinks, the teams and the trainers and everybody, I want to play and want a chance to raise another Cup,” said Oshie.

Oshie played college hockey at the University of North Dakota which happens to be a state where the league is looking to play neutral site games should the sport return.

“Obviously, North Dakota is the number one place I’d want to play in the world, so that would be amazing,” said Oshie.

While we wait for hockey we at least have the social media of T.J. and Lauren Oshie, particularly their Instagram to show us life behind the scenes in their household. A few weeks ago, T.J. taught his oldest daughter Lyla to ride a bike.

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“The girls are very excited that I’m not at hockey. We have fun when we’re at home and I’m a pretty positive guy. I’ve really, I think, taken advantage of this time being home,” said Oshie.