Washington Capitals: T.J. Oshie is good at golf

T.J. Oshie, Washington Capitals (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
T.J. Oshie, Washington Capitals (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images) /

We all know what T.J. Oshie can do on the ice. But the Washington Capitals forward has talents off the ice. That includes golf and on Thursday in the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, he hit a golf ball very far even outdoing NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Oshie launched one from his driver exactly 369 yards. He hit the ball 180 miles per hour off the tee. Oshie smiled and gave a thumbs up. The longest drive in the PGA came from Lee Westwood in the Byron Nelson Tournament when he hit it 425 yards.

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Oshie was paired with Mike Modano and Joe Pavelski in a golf tournament that included other athletes and celebrities including Charles Barkley, Justin Timberlake, Emmitt Smith, Joe Theismann, Steph Curry, Michael Strahan and Jerry Rice.

Mahomes finished with 347 yards on his drive so Oshie beat out Mahomes by 22 yards. I’d love to see them in a throwing contest. Oshie definitely has an arm but it is unlikely he can throw a football as far as Mahomes. It is also unlikely we’d see the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback on ice skates anytime soon.

Oshie > Mahomes… at least in golf.

In much more important news, it looks like the Capitals may protect Oshie after all. Oshie told J.J. Regan of NBC Sports Washington that there have been no discussions between him and the Caps since the exit meetings.


Oshie isn’t even worried so why should we worry? He’s out there hitting golf balls, enjoying his summer vacation and eager to get back on the ice. He was meant to be a Capital and he’s ours.

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Protected lists are due on July 17th and it’s likely they’ll become known to the public the next day. It would be a bad look on General Manager Brian MacLellan’s part if he left Oshie exposed without alerting him of it.