Washington Capitals: Alex Ovechkin throws epic birthday party for Sergei

Alex Ovechkin, Sergei Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Alex Ovechkin, Sergei Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

Okay I’ve had good birthday parties as a kid and an epic 21st but what Alex Ovechkin did for his son Sergei’s third birthday… good luck to the great eight himself topping that next year. But he will. The Washington Capitals superstar always outdoes himself every year.

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This is one party we all wish we got invited to. I’ll bet your birthday parties weren’t as good as his either. Sergei is no ordinary three year old, he’s the son of the greatest goal scorer of all time. Although none of us were at the party, Alex’s wife Nastya documented the party in great detail on her Instagram story.

The party featured arcade games, a candy bar, costumed performers, karaoke, magicians, indoor pyrotechnics, a live band and even some professional photographers. The arcade games included air hockey and a hockey slapshot game where guests learned from the great eight himself how to stickhandle.

One of the videos on Nastya’s Instagram story included the band performance with Alex and Sergei on the drums. You could tell Sergei loved it and now I’m worried he’ll become a musician instead of a hockey player. After all he already has a wicked slapshot.

Earlier this summer there was footage of Sergei putting on hockey attire which included a Russian national team uniform and took to the ice. He tumbled but his did was there with him every step of the way and it was the cutest thing.

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When his dad scored his 700th goal it was Sergei who was the star of the show at Capital One Arena when they honored Ovechkin for the milestone in Feb. 2020. He was looking up at the big screen in awe of what his dad just did. Lucky for him he’ll be old enough to hopefully remember his dad breaking Gretzky’s record.